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The impurities in pharmaceuticals are unwanted chemicals that remain with the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or develop during formulation or upon ageing of both API and formulation. The presence of these unwanted chemicals even in trace amounts may influence the efficacy and safety of the pharmaceutical product. The control of impurities is currently a critical issue for the pharmaceutical industry.

The different pharmacopoeias such as British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) are slowly incorporating limits to allowable levels of impurities present in the API’s.


We offer a wide array of pharma derivatives, intermediates for bulk drugs and API ,chemicals & solvents, other chemicals and active pharma ingredients which finds wide application in the pharmaceutical industries.

To serve our clients in best possible manner we conduct rigorous quality checks as per the set quality norms during procure.

We believe in bringing lasting values to our customers, which has enabled us to partner with esteemed clients across the world.


Natural products are small molecules produced by living organisms including plants, invertebrates and microorganisms. They are also known as secondary metabolites being non-essential for life; but they play key roles in defence and cell to cell communication. They represent a unique chemical space with compounds distributed in a broad diversity of chemical classes. They have been evolving with nature together with the activities that have been optimized together with the targets.

Recent Works


Sertraline Nitroso Impurity (Mixture of isomers)

Product Name : Sertraline Nitroso Impurity (Mixture of

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N-Nitroso Quetiapine EP Impurity B D8

Product Name : N-Nitroso Quetiapine EP Impurity B D8 Ca

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N-nitroso Vonoprazan [Mixture of isomers]

Product Name : N-nitroso Vonoprazan [Mixture of isomers

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N-Nitroso Tamsulosin Impurity

Product Name : N-Nitroso Tamsulosin Impurity Catalog Nu

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N-Nitroso Rasagiline

Product Name : N-Nitroso Rasagiline Catalog Number : CS

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4-Nitroso-hct (4-Nitroso Hydrochlorothiazide)

4-Nitroso-hct (4-Nitroso Hydrochlorothiazide) Product N

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Catalog Number : CS-O-38043 CAS Number : 134720-04-0 St

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