Custom Synthesis:

Anblickbio is a leading player in Custom Chemical Synthesis providing the most comprehensive product range, innovative products, and enabling technologies for chemical research. We specialize in delivering required quantity of chemical substances with superior quality and within agreed delivery timelines. With systematic product development methodology and proven delivery capabilities, we can handle complex chemical synthesis projects requiring fast turnaround times with succinctly communicated results.
Our Custom Chemical Synthesis capabilities are further enhanced by single site offerings from Process Development to Scale Up and manufacturing enables us to offer flexible solutions to meet your requirements.

Currently we are providing custom synthesis services to our many multinational companies across the world.

Synthetic Chemistry :

Synthetic Chemistry team at Anblickbio is well trained to design and synthesize novel compounds from mg to Kg quantity. They carry out multi-step syntheses using latest technologies and methods. Their experience spans across a wide range of chemistry such as asymmetric synthesis, deuterated labelled compounds , organometallic chemistry, metal mediated transformations, nucleotide chemistry, carbohydrates, macrocyclic compounds, fluorine and boron chemistry, high pressure and cryogenic reactions and enzymatic reactions. This is possible due to state of the art infrastructure.